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What Is Yoga?

These last few years I have been blessed to have been exposed to so many beautiful teachings, as I work towards answering the above question, “What is yoga”?

Let me tell you what I’ve found it is not. It is not jumping on your yoga mat or attending a yoga class on occasion, although this is a step in the right direction. It is not learning to breathe! It is not closing your eyes in an attempt to find silence and quiet the mind. Again, all are pieces of this miraculous and transformative puzzle.

It is a a way of life! It is living the eight limbs of yoga laid out for us by Patanjali in 2nd century BCE. It is learning and living the Yamas and Niyamas. What are they Yamas and Niyamas? They are the “rules” to live by both internally and externally. They encompass life of caring, of truthfulness, responsibility, moderation and generosity to others and oneself. They teach us to seek purity, contentment, through discipline, self-study and surrender to higher powers. It is stepping onto your mat daily to develop an intimate relationship with your body through asana and the breath. It is understanding how important the breath is to us and the study of the energy that supports our very existence. It is learning to withdraw ourselves from what pulls at us externally to rely on possessions that cannot sustain us. It is finding that which does sustain us through continued focus and concentration on that form of energy. It is the quieting of the mind so that our truth may be found. It is the Peace that surrounds us and keeps us whole and healthy once we hear the unstruck sound of our heart and now it’s connection to our existence. It is allowing your heart be a reflection of the love of the Universe, one that emanates pure light!

It is Homeostasis! It is the body’s ability to regulate its inner environment to fluctuations created by external and/or internal forces. Through the ancient teachings set out for us by Patanjali, it is possible for us to withstand the elements and create that stability.

While facilitating a recent book study of “The Untethered Soul” by Michael A. Singer, reviewing Chapter 15, The Path of Unconditional Happiness, another beautiful lesson appeared. We have a choice. Every day we have a choice to be happy or at least content. If you choose the spiritual path and you choose happiness, your heart will open and you will awaken to the higher aspects of your being, of who you truly are! If you look inside, you will see that when you’re happy, your heart feels open and the energy rushes up inside of you. When you aren’t happy, your heart feels closed and no energy comes up inside. The job is to keep your heart open. Human beings have a tendency to close their hearts when things don’t go as planned or fears arise within. My continued work throughout this lifetime is to become that light so brightly that there will no longer remain a shadow"!

“The moment you become the light, there’s no shadow.” Yogacharya Dr. Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani

“These messages are very clear and I wish to share them with you at this time. We spend lifetimes living in fear, consciously or unconsciously, based on events that have happened to us in this lifetime or another. Our psyche continues to build our personality based on those events and those fears, whether we are aware of this process or not. When we walk this path with the light of the divine shining down upon us, the shadows still remain. In those shadows are our fears, our stumbling blocks, our obstacles. Should we make the decision to become one with that light by opening our heart so big and beautifully to all that is to our birthright, without hesitation, that light will no longer shine down on us, but will shine outwardly from us. What happens when we shine the purest of light from within our heart for all to see, the shadow once behind us now dissipates and will no longer be. Become a Warrior of Light!”


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